How Tiny Living Benefits the Whole Family

How Tiny Living Benefits the Whole Family
The following is a guest post from Molli of the Tiny House Society.
Have you heard about tiny living? It involves a simple, minimalist way of living in a house that’s usually no more than 500 square feet and built on wheels or a foundation. While a simple Google search will tell you everything you need to know about singles or couples living in a tiny home; there’s far less information about families. You may be wondering how it’s even possible for a multi-person family to function in such a small space–but I can assure you it is! Let’s take a look at some of the ways that tiny living can benefit the whole family.
Tiny Living Brings the Family Closer Together.
Just as the name suggests, a tiny house is indeed tiny. The smaller space provides the kind of intimacy that many families yearn for. Because there are rarely separate rooms or closed doors, tiny homes encourage conversation rather than avoidance. The small and intertwined living and eating spaces make every dinner a family dinner. While living in such a small space can be challenging at times, the positives outweigh the negatives. Tiny living truly creates a wonderful space for that much-needed family time.
Tiny Living Gives You More Time To Spend Together.
One of the major benefits of tiny living is the minimalist lifestyle that comes with it. Kids are collectors by nature, but there’s simply no space for unnecessary clutter. You’ll need to limit books, games, and other toys to a minimum in order to keep your tiny space under control. Less “stuff” means less time spent decorating and cleaning your tiny home. Instead, you can spend time focusing on doing what brings your family closer together–be that hiking, crafting, or reading!

Pro Tip: A good way to maintain your clutter-free lifestyle is by swapping out toys that are kept at a family member’s home or in a storage unit. That way, everyone stays happy!

Tiny Living Gives You Flexibility.
New job across the country? A tiny house on wheels allows you to make the move in a relatively stress-free manner. Forget the moving boxes–a tiny house on wheels means all you need to do is hit the road! It’s becoming more and more common nowadays to see traveling families with homeschooled children. A tiny house on wheels can make the perfect classroom, as it’s a wonderful environment for learning and experiencing along the way! If a particular environment or location doesn’t work for your family, moving is not entirely out of the question.
Will Tiny Living Work For My Family?
Living in a tiny home or small space as a family is a wonderful way to embrace the simple goodness of life together. You’ll be able to focus less on “stuff” and more on the adventures along the way. A tiny house should include everything you need and nothing that you don’t. It’s a lifestyle that can be adapted to fit a family’s individual needs–take the time to figure out what works and what doesn’t! Tiny living provides an opportunity to grow together, and a unique place to call home.
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Molli is a U.S. citizen currently living in Cape Town, South Africa. Aside from writing about tiny houses, Molli loves to be at the beach and eat food (often at the same time). As an avid surfer and beach-goer, she does her best to promote a sustainable way of living. Website:

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  1. PurpleSlob on 03/27/2019 at 2:19 pm

    As a family of 5, my husband and I, grown daughter, and 2 grandbabies (3,5) we are planning to move into a 840 sq ft cottage. A lot of people in the family are saying we can’t live there comfortably. It is 2/1, with an enclosed sun room for our office/computer room. The joy of it is the yard! It’s in the country, with huge trees, chickens next door, and lots of room to run, explore, garden whatever. That’s place to be, outside!!
    Thanks for the encouragement, Molli!

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