30 Sandwich Ideas for Kids and Adults

Everyone gets into a food rut now and then, these 30 sandwich ideas for kids and adults are sure to shake you out of your brown bag blues.
A sandwich is basically anything you can stick between two pieces of bread. Or tortilla. Or lettuce. Or pita bread. Let your imagination run with it! You don’t have to stay with the traditional meat, cheese, condiment combo. Add fruit. Try using avocado in place of mayo. Make grilled sandwiches or paninis, they still taste great cold! Go ahead, change things up for lunch, excite the ones you make lunches for and brighten your day.

  1. Tuna or salmon salad is standard, but try it on toast with shredded carrots for crunch.
  2. Almond butter with sliced banana packs a protein punch, but tastes like dessert.
  3. Grilled cheese doesn’t have to be just American cheese. Try cheddar with sliced apples and grainy mustard.
  4. Monterey Jack with thinly sliced pear.
  5. Grilled Swiss with avocado and sour cream. Yes, sour cream. Alfalfa sprouts are great in here, too.
  6. Cinnamon raisin bread with leftover roast chicken.
  7. Roast beef with apple butter.
  8. Leftover turkey on cranberry nut bread. Don’t wait for Thanksgiving to try this one.
  9. Goat cheese and fig jam, which are both readily available at most neighborhood supermarkets.
  10. Leftover steak with fresh spinach leaves, fresh mozzarella and chipotle mayo.
  11. Hummus, tomato and diced cucumbers rolled up in a lavash (flat bread) or stuffed in a pita.
  12. Fresh mozzarella and raspberry jam panini. Mmmm!
  13. Liverwurst and gouda cheese with pickle.
  14. Roast beef and tomato on leftover garlic bread. Especially the artisan garlic bread. It tastes amazing!
  15. Banana bread with homemade Nutella. (I know this is more like dessert, but I eat it anyway!)
  16. Corn bread with turkey, Monterey jack and jalapeno jelly.
  17. Fill a wrap or a pita with ham and sliced pineapple.
  18. Give turkey a new lease on life with cream cheese and thinly sliced cucumbers on a toasted bagel.
  19. For more bagel ideas, try using up leftover grilled vegetables from last night’s dinner and a smear of cream cheese.
  20. Sliced tomato, basil and fresh mozzarella on a whole wheat English muffin with olive oil. Caprese fans unite!
  21. Leftover beef or chicken stir fry rolled up in a wrap.
  22. Leftover chicken with pesto
  23. Gluten free? How about an apple-wich?
  24. Or this yummy paleo turkey wrap!
  25. Deviled Egg Salad on a bed of spinach or stuffed in a pita pocket

From fans on facebook (thank you!):
26. Almond butter, bananas, homemade granola, honey and cinnamon. ~Jessica M.
27. Grilled sourdough with cheddar, pesto and sauteed spinach. ~ Misty P.
28. Bacon, Basil, Tomato and mozzarella.~Jennifer L.
29. Tuna and avocado. ~Debi M.
30 Green apples and goat cheese. ~Raquel Z.

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