Halloween Fruit Kabobs

Halloween Fruit Kabobs
Anytime we take the time to make something special for the children in our lives, they enjoy it. It doesn’t have to be full of sugar, artificial colors or have some character on it.
Kids notice when we take time out of our day just for them. It’s actually more meaningful to make something simple like this than it is to purchase them a junk food treat.
Holidays are great times to pull out a simple treat idea. Whether you make it and surprise the kids, or provide the supplies and have the kids make the treat themselves, it really doesn’t matter. What matters is that you did something special.
Sometimes it feels like cheating to be celebrated as a wonderful mom, when I really didn’t work on the treat. But that’s the beauty of it. We don’t have to work to be celebrated: it really is the thought that counts.
Anyway, onto the super-simple-non-sugary-treat:

Halloween Fruit Kabobs

Black Grapes
Wooden Skewers (like these)
Cube cantaloupe. Remove black grapes from stems. Place on wooden skewers in alternating colors.
And boom- that was easy! 🙂
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