CONQUER THE MESS: Do These 3 Things Every Day to Change Your Life

By Rachel Jones | 05/25/2022

This previously messy person wanted to demonstrate how I turned my life around by teaching myself a few easy habits. First, I decided which habits I wanted to have. The temptation here is to have ALL THE HABITS.  But I had tried that before and failed miserably. I had to get down to only a…

My 9 Hour Work Week – Running an Online Business and Still Being Available

By Rachel Jones | 05/18/2022

I’ve been asked quite a few times to show what my work week looks like.  What does it look like to be present and available and still run an online business? It’s a challenge – I think it would be easier to have a job with consistent work hours and be told what projects to…

10 Realistic Ways to Improve Your Mood

By Rachel Jones | 05/09/2022

After embracing minimalism, and making our home so easy to maintain I don’t have to think about it. I don’t struggle with depression as much, and I don’t get as low as I used to, but it still happens. I find myself in a funk every couple of months and I sit in the house…

Abandon the Fantasy Self, and unlock your true self

By Rachel Jones | 04/22/2022

Tova shared a comment on my fantasy self article last week: “I feel like this was written to me. The fabric, the baking tools, all of it is the possibility of all the versions of me that could be, but they can’t coexist and I don’t have room for all of them! This has been…

55 Questions to Help You Declutter Fast

By Rachel Jones | 04/13/2022

When I first started decluttering, I would look at my stuff and ask: “What do I want to get rid of??” But it’s so much easier if you ask from the perspective of: “What do I want to keep?“ Remember, as you simplify your home, it’s a positive thing! You aren’t decluttering to make your…

Declutter the Fantasy Self and Free Yourself to Enjoy Life

By Rachel Jones | 04/08/2022

I published a video last year talking about the fantasy self items I had to declutter (or if you prefer reading, here’s the blog post), walking through all the things I had to realize and be honest with myself as I decluttered the excess in my life. There were many comments of “Me too! We…

Fantasy-Self items I had to Declutter to get Freedom

By Rachel Jones | 04/04/2022

I am DONE living for a Fantasy-Self As we’re decluttering, we run into all kinds of things, we come across things from our past selves. Like “this is the Rachel in high school, and this is what she was interested in, and the things that she collected and the clothes that she wore.”  And we…

3 Steps to Having Fun as a Family While Cleaning the House

By Rachel Jones | 03/30/2022

My family helps clean the house every week.  How did we do it? A big part is having the kids participate in weekly cleaning since they were little. They don’t know any different, it’s a habit, this is simply what we do. If you’re starting out with a weekly routine and have never had one…

Should a minimalist own an air fryer?

By Rachel Jones | 03/25/2022

I’m a minimalist. And as a general rule, I avoid appliances unless an item helps me enough that it essentially EARNS the right to take my time, and occupy space in my home. The appliances I keep need to help me live my life the way I want to live or make my life easier…

55 Item Year-Round Wardrobe

By Rachel Jones | 03/18/2022

As a minimalist, how many articles of clothing should I have? There is no perfect answer to this question. We all live different lives, have different needs, live in different climates, and therefore will have to have different wardrobes. But people have asked me to share my wardrobe, so have pulled out all of my…

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  1. Nance Duncan on 12/08/2022 at 5:46 pm

    I just finished watching today’s video about your family getting together to make the snowflakes for your tree. I’ll be making some too. The ending was emotional for me. Hearing “O Holy Night” in the background while everyone was putting their snowflakes on the tree……. well, I shed a few tears. It was beautiful!! Thank you so much for sharing your family moments with us.

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