6 Ways to Handle Anxiety When Decluttering is Hard

By Rachel Jones | 01/25/2022

Does anxiety rear its ugly head every time you have to make a tough decision? And you want to declutter, but decluttering is full of decisions, so it can feel very defeating. How do we make progress when the anxiety makes everything feel as if we should keep it? Follow the fear to the end…

Minimalist Kitchen Tour

By Rachel Jones | 01/17/2022

The kitchen is one area of my house that I don’t feel is particularly minimal. But minimalism isn’t meant to define our spaces, minimalism is a way of evaluating the items in our homes so our home can function for us the way we need it to. In our case, we have a big family…

6 Top Videos that Will Help You Overcome Clutter

By Rachel Jones | 01/15/2022

#1 If you’re overwhelmed with your home, do this. Sometimes we can have so much stuff and so many things we need to accomplish that we feel frozen and unable to take the action needed to help us get out of the state of overwhelm. Remember that none of us can do things PERFECTLY. Whatever…

Creating a home that is stupid-easy to maintain

By Rachel Jones | 01/12/2022

I’m not the tidiest person. Actually, I was quite the opposite for MANY years. I was a mess. The house was a mess. I remember being so proud of myself when I kept the dishes done for a week. It was a huge deal for me. Because I loathed any type of “chore.” Hate Hate…

Declutter 2022 in 2022

By Rachel Jones | 12/15/2021

We’ve been doing a yearly decluttering challenge since 2008 and it has made such a HUGE difference. I am motivated by checking off boxes and knowing how much progress I’m making, so in 2012 when I started blogging, I invited others to join this yearly challenge with me. Over the years over 42,000 people have…

Minimalist Christmas Decor

By Rachel Jones | 12/08/2021

4 Things to Help Keep Christmas Decor Easy for You Over this last weekend, our family decorated for Christmas, and Christmas decorating in the past was a stressor for me. I was overwhelmed with the idea of getting it all out. Although that wasn’t as bad, it was much more enjoyable than the idea of…

4 Powerful Ways to Minimize Holiday Stress

By Rachel Jones | 11/02/2021

I’m a mix of emotions when I think of the holidays. First, I love the food. So there’s that to look forward to. When I think back to the days before minimalism, there were a lot of things that I expected of myself that added a lot of unnecessary stress to the holiday season. And…

3 Ways I Learned to Enjoy Life More

By Rachel Jones | 10/27/2021

How do we enjoy everyday life? How do we become more present in this life so we CAN enjoy it? Being present is one of the reasons why I wanted to embrace minimalism, but it certainly hasn’t been easy for me. I’m one of those people that likes to be busy, I like to be…

Want to say “no” to seasonal cleaning?

By Rachel Jones | 10/19/2021

The idea of a seasonal, bi-yearly, or spring cleaning has always given me a feeling of dread. So, at one point I just decided that I will not require that of myself, and that is okay. Instead, I wait until something bothers me or I’m in the mood for it. Because I dreaded cleaning for…

When a Minimalist is Messy

By Rachel Jones | 10/06/2021

When I record a video or take pictures of my home, I make sure that the house is tidy. When I share my home in any way, of course, I pick it up first so it’s pretty. But just because I tidy up and it’s nice in my video or on Instagram, doesn’t mean that…

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  1. Nance Duncan on 12/08/2022 at 5:46 pm

    I just finished watching today’s video about your family getting together to make the snowflakes for your tree. I’ll be making some too. The ending was emotional for me. Hearing “O Holy Night” in the background while everyone was putting their snowflakes on the tree……. well, I shed a few tears. It was beautiful!! Thank you so much for sharing your family moments with us.

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