Clutter-free Wedding Gifts

Clutter-free Wedding Gifts
When a couple is just starting out, of course we want to express our love and best wishes with gifts! Knowing that the gifts will be useful and not cause them stress (where do I store this??) or guilt (I don’t even like crystal bowls… ūüôĀ ), so what can we give that will be something they can enjoy and find useful?
I asked my amazing Facebook group for suggestions and they came up with some wonderful ideas:

  1. Cash Honeymooners will appreciate having some extra spending money to enjoy their honeymoon and splurge a bit on adventures that they may have ruled out when looking at their own budget.
  2. Gift cards Date nights (restaurants, movies, etc), home repairs and groceries are all very helpful for the first year of marriage (and well afterward!).
  3. Event tickets Know the couple enjoys sports or plays? Gift them a great night out.
  4. Experience gifts Membership to the zoo, a museum, hot air balloon ride, amusement park, gym membership, etc.
  5. Contribute to their honeymoon or house fund Many couples these days have set up a website where you can help them financially do things that would take much longer if they were working on it themselves.
  6. A year’s worth of date night ideas¬†Plan out fun activities, have a variety of free/inexpensive and a couple more moderate ideas. Sometimes we all need¬†a reminder to go take a walk and watch the sunset together. Include a few appropriate gift cards or movie tickets.
  7. Dinner in a basket Include a menu and recipes (if needed) and non-perishables. Put in a grocery store gift card for the perishable items.
  8. Household¬†supplies¬†If the couple hasn’t been out on their own, the little things of setting up a house tend to add up and aren’t exactly fun to spend hard earned money on, especially when it’s tight! Think: laundry basket, broom & dustpan, toilet brush, plunger (you know they will thank you profusely when that time comes! hehe!), sponges, fire extinguisher, light bulbs, toilet paper, etc.
  9. Lawnmower How great would it be to get a lawn mower as a gift if you just purchased a house?!
  10. 6′ ladder¬†Things like this are so helpful but are always the last thing we seem to invest in, so it’s always wonderful when someone else gives you something so practical.
  11. Car maintenance gifts Gas cards, Oil changes for a year, AAA membership.
  12. Meal subscription service There are many available online and often local companies.
  13. Cooking lessons and grocery gift cards This is something they can do together and can benefit them the rest of their lives.
  14. Gift cards for airlines and motels¬†Traveling is an amazing gift. ūüôā
  15. Pay for Child/Pet/house sitter for when they are away on their honeymoon or any weekend getaways they have planned.
  16. Cleaning service¬†Even if it’s a one-time event, this is very helpful. Especially if one or both are moving out of rentals.
  17. Outdoor¬†supplies¬†Are they into camping? Mountain climbing? Hiking? Running? Biking? Quality supplies that last are appreciated, as long as it’s something you know they do regularly. Or give them a gift card to an outdoor equipment rental company. Many small-home dwellers¬†are turning to rentals for camping supplies that they would only use a couple times a year.
  18. Netflix or Amazon Prime subscription Entertainment at home!
  19. Very high-quality kitchen knives¬†Many don’t splurge on quality, but having nice kitchen knives are extremely helpful and will last many many years.
  20. Toolset Having a small, high-quality toolset with the basics is very helpful when setting up a home.
  21. A movie-night kit Include a bottle of wine, popcorn, some candies/chocolate, a fuzzy blanket and a movie they would both like.
  22. Gift card for nursery or garden shop if they enjoy gardening.
  23. “Of the Month” Club membership. There are so many options- fruit, cheese, wine, chocolate, and coffee are all great gifts.

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  1. Robin S on 03/22/2017 at 1:25 pm

    Such wonderful ideas! Thank you.

  2. Amanda Buchanan on 03/30/2017 at 6:21 am

    These are all fabulous suggestions. <3

  3. Ellen on 01/24/2024 at 11:12 am

    Shop from their registry list. Guaranteed to be something they want. Usually enough variety that you can find something you don’t consider clutter.

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